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Nomination Form for the Frame Teaching Award

Please help us encourage good teaching by submitting the names of faculty members in the Department of Mathematics you feel are deserving of the award.

Students or faculty may nominate candidates. Students are encouraged to consider instructors from previous courses as well as current ones.

The terms of the gift of Professor Frame, a distinguished former member of the Department, indicate "the following criteria may serve as guidelines for excellence in teaching: mastery of the subject matter; lively, well-presented, well-organized lectures that stimulate student interest; good speaking ability; and good interaction with students, in and out of the class".

See a more complete description of the J. S. Frame Teaching Excellence Award and the list of previous award winners.

If you wish to nominate faculty (not teaching assistants) for this award please fill out and submit this form by February 23, 2024.

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Please include in this field specific courses (including semester/year) that led to your nominating this individual. Tell us what makes this individual outstanding. Specific anecdotes are welcome. If you know other faculty or students who can help the committee evaluate this candidate, please also include their names.


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