Department of Mathematics

Private Tutor List

The MSU Mathematics Department does not hire or sponsor any particular private tutors. Rather, as a service to students, we provide a list of available individuals, who have been screened solely on the basis of their transcripts. Based on the mathematics courses they have taken and the grades they have received, they appear to be qualified to tutor in the courses listed. The list is updated periodically throughout the semester.
If you are interested in hiring a private tutor, please contact one of the individuals listed. All arrangements, including pay, will be made between the student and the tutor. Michigan State University, the Mathematics Learning Center, and the Department of Mathematics do not assume any responsibility. While the MSU Mathematics Department does not guarantee the service you will receive, we would like to know if there are significant problems with any tutor by e-mailing Jane Zimmerman. These problems will be taken into consideration when publishing future tutor lists.
Private Tutoring List
If you are an MSU student (grad or undergrad) who is interested in offering tutoring services on the list above please fill out this application to be considered.