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Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)

Proposed Project for the MSU Industrial Math Students

Title: Development of a Database and Economic Impact Model for the Emerging Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Component of the Michigan Economy.


ITS is an increasingly important area of technical development relating to the transportation systems industry. Both the vehicle/vehicle systems aspect and the infrastructure systems aspect of this area of technology development are rapidly becoming highly important to the considerations of investments in transportation systems, both public and private. However, it is difficult to assess the economic impact of this emergence on the Michigan economy and the state's investment in transportation infrastructure because work has not been done to isolate the various components of the factors involved, i.e. jobs, capital investment, etc.

The Problem/The Need

There is a need to formulate the structure for and the initial development of the data base of factors involved in the ITS technology universe. There needs to be an econometric like model developed that can assess that database to evaluate the economic impact/importance to the state. It might be expected that this activity may take a several step development process; that is, starting with the development of a simplified version, and eventually progressing to a much more sophisticated version. Thus, this might be viewed as a problem to be worked on over more than one program year.

The Sponsoring Organization

ITS Michigan is the public/private interest group focused on ITS technology development and deployment. The membership ranges from the Michigan based automotive OEM's to the public infrastructure organizations at the local and state level. This membership will provide the MSU Industrial Math program students with an "of counsel" advisory/support group to work toward the development of the database and model.

ITS Michigan Contact
Thomas E. Borton, Ph.D., AICP
Incoming President of ITS Michigan (5/11/04)
Phone: 734-475-4244

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