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Improving the accuracy of a real-time planning tool *

P & W supports their 3 Divisions by means of an ERP (Enterprise Requirements Planning), an updated version of MRP (Material Requirements Planning). The system output is a "live view" of material flowing into the operation, through production and out to the customers. At any time the location of the material is known and the dollarcost is given. Outputs also include inventory management, scheduling, and system forecasts that can be used for planning the best use of the "resources" of the company.

The system is transaction driven and thereby lies the problem. The margin of error is unknown and the system presents all output as fact. The margin of error is based on the input process and changes in the process will improve (or worsen) the system output.

The project would be to mathematically define the output, learn the input process, and make suggestions or changes in the input process that will measurably improve the accuracy of the output.

* This summary was prepared by George H. Schriver, Pratt and Whitney AutoAir.


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