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Risk-Based Approach for Regulating Medicines


Medicines quality is a major issue in developing countries where there are limited resources and poor quality medicines abound due to limited capacity for oversight. Over the past year, PQM developed a Medicines Risk Index (MRI) to determine which products should be prioritized for testing. This quantitative model uses logistic regression to make decisions about resource allocation with cost-benefit analysis. As PQM moves towards more quantitative decision making, new data is being collected. The MRI and related methodologies need to be validated by larger data sets.


  1. To validate the Medicines Risk Index as a decision model
  2. To improve the performance of the Medicines Risk Index
  3. To analyze the new data set

Planned Steps and Anticipated Analytical Methodologies/Tools:

  1. Data preprocessing in preparation for logistic regression
  2. Performing & monitoring performance of logistic regression
  3. Collect information about economic costs of various medicines/products
  4. Build front-end and back-end of application to calculate MRI and build prioritized queue

Technologies Required:

  1. Python
  2. sci-kit-learn
  3. numpy

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