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Proposed Project for the MSU Industrial Math Students

ZT Technology Cooperation

Performance Analysis of an Electric Vehicle Controller


ZT Technology Corporation is an Automotive R&D company based in Troy, Michigan. The company is mainly focused on new energy vehicle critical subsystems such as EV vehicle controllers, battery management controllers, and motor controllers, as well as autonomous driving and connected vehicle technologies and products.


Given an input, such as the pressing of a pedal, a controller of an electric vehicle must be able to safely and reliably output the correct power so, for instance, the car may accelerate. ZT Technology Corporation is designing a new EV controller and in this project students will use MathWorks’ MATLAB and Simulink to perform HIL (Hardware-in-the-loop) and SIL (Software-in-the-loop) simulation testing on a model of the controller. Students will build off of the controller model in order to verify its functions and performance as well as potentially increase its efficiency.

Documents that will be given to students:
  • Simulink model of the EV controller
  • Test matrix and scenarios
  • Design specifications
Project Goals:
  • Perform HIL and SIL Simulation Testing
  • Establish and Verify Performance of Controller
  • Improve the controller performance if needed


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