Department of Mathematics

Proposed Project for the MSU Industrial Math Students

Consumers Energy

Speech Analytics with Voxai Genesys Speech Miner


The purpose of this project is to identify opportunities for improvement in customer satisfaction through the Customer Contact Center using Voice of the Customer data. The students will be using speech-to-text data from Voxai’s Genesys Speech Miner tool. The Speech Miner tool transcribes calls received from customers into raw data for querying. The students are expected to analyze this call data to identify the following:

  • Common hot-words used by customers and Customer Service Representatives
  • Identify leading contributors to why customer call
  • Identify the process breaks that result in repeat calls and call non-resolution
  • Improve the opportunity to drive customer satisfaction into first quartile
Documents that will be given to students:

Documentation to be provided upon project kick-off

Project Goals:
  • Identify opportunities for Consumers Energy to leverage customer feedback to improve upon technological and business processes
  • Recommendations for opportunities to reduce call volume while improving customer satisfaction


For any additional questions regarding the program curriculum and/or the extension deadline for the application to the MSIM program, contact us at


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