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Proposed Project for the MSU Industrial Math Students


Data Analysis and Optimization for Mobility Service by Using Publicly Available Biking Sharing Data


The objective of this project is to work on publicly available datasets from bike sharing systems and other datasets from some bike sharing participants located in some cities. The structure of the data along with variable descriptions will be given to the students, who will use the data to derive bike sharing insights that are non-obvious, or that haven’t been shown before. The dataset will include routing information of individual biker and their stops. With the data, the students will perform analysis in visualization and develop some advanced model to understand bikers’ travel patterns and identify related mobility service needs. Furthermore, the students will generate an optimization algorithm for delivering the optimal solution to satisfy bikers’ service needs.

Project Goals:
  • Using some statistical and optimization software to perform data analysis
  • Generate the bike-sharing insights including mobility service needs by using publicly available datasets along with some internal data
  • Evaluation of public databases for use
  • Recommendations for optimal solutions to satisfy bike sharing needs.


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