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Proposed Project for the MSU Industrial Math Students

Mars Drinks

Examining Workplace Vitality through Deep Dives on Data


Mars Drinks, a division of Mars, Inc., is 100% dedicated to the workplace. Based on this focus, we have established the concept of Workplace Vitality™ which is a place that is vibrant, thriving, and alive with potential. It is at the intersection of engagement, collaboration, well-being, and productivity. This project will focus on the quantitative data we have collected related to Workplace Vitality spanning from June 2015 through November 2016. The project will include comparing, contrasting, and integrating data from multiple quantitative studies in order to discover new insights. It will also include relating our most recent set, from our Diagnostic Survey, to key aspects of companies in order to determine the extent to which the pillars of Workplace Vitality – engagement, collaboration, well-being, and productivity – correlate with company performance. Robust, clean data will be available from multiple data sets for student work. We expect to make the data available in Excel.

For more on Workplace Vitality, please see the multiple blog posts (there are about 20ish) that appear with this link. They include a lot of white papers and content on the concept and our quantitative research findings to-date, as well as the blog entries themselves that explain more.


For any additional questions regarding the program curriculum and/or the extension deadline for the application to the MSIM program, contact us at


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