Department of Mathematics

Center for Instructional Mentoring

The Center for Instructional Mentoring (CIM) in the Department of Mathematics was created to provide teaching mentoring and support for graduate TAs, postdocs and new instructors in the department. Teaching continues to assume a larger role in the job application process, so the department has created CIM in order to better serve instructors’ needs and to help create an engaging and active learning environment which supports diverse learning styles in all mathematics classes, with a special focus on gateway courses.

The basic support that will be offered to all TAs, postdocs and new instructors includes:

(a) in-depth, non-evaluative teaching observations and feedback

(b) peer teaching observations

(c) workshops and collaborative lesson planning opportunities.

In addition to these support structures, we are also able to help with lesson planning, quiz authoring, grading, issues with students, issues with time management, job applications, letters of recommendation, teaching philosophy statements, and digital identity management, to name a few.

Future Faculty Development