The rapid growth over the last two decades in the speed and data handling capability of high performance computers has transformed the methodology of scientific investigation and industrial applications. Computational models have emerged as essential research and development tools for the 21st century. Modeling and simulation significantly reduce the need for experiments, shortening the time from concept to product. Combined with the development of novel algorithms and modeling tools, mathematical modeling/computation has joined experiment and theory as a fundamental tool of investigation, guiding experimental design and honing the cutting edge of theory.

MCIAM aims to address the scientific and educational challenges offered by these scientific developments, particularly focusing on targeted industrial collaborations. The goals of the Center are three-fold:

  • To develop and coordinate contact intensive partnerships with targeted industries.
  • To foster interdisciplinary research activity within MSU, highlighting the interplay between novel computational algorithms and mathematical modeling, as complementary avenues to theory and experiments.
  • To provide interdisciplinary graduate education and postdoctoral research opportunities.